Biomechanical assessment and gait-analysis in Madrid

We´ll help you get the right shoes/insoles in your preferred lenguage

If you need to get yourself either a new pair of trainers or customized insoles, this is the right place to come in Madrid. Our staff is highly trained and since 2008 we’ve been helping people either from every part of Spain and from different countries visiting Madrid.

If you wish to have your biomechanical assessment done in English make sure you let us know when you book the appointment please.



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    Our goal is to help you prevent any trouble derived from some type of deviation in your way of walking or running, and help you optimize your performance while you exercise.


    It doesn’t matter whether you run fast or slow, your age, or if you walk, jog or run. We help you.




    We help all types of people: It doesn’t matter whether you run fast or slow, your age, or if you walk, jog or run. Regardless you are new to exercise or a seasoned marathon runner, we’ll find the perfect trainers for you to be comfortable and pain free. If you already have the trainers, or you need to wear a different type of shoe, we’re also specialized in customized insoles. We adapt ourselves to your needs!

    We follow a work methodology imported from the United Kingdom. We carry out more than 20 different tests and we dothem both statically and dynamically (in motion, running or walking, as the case may be).


    When you buy trainers or customized insoles from us, the biomechanical assessment and gait analysis is free! If you just wish to have the assessment, it’ll be 25€ only.

    It’s essential to book an appointment for the biomechanical assessment and the gait analysis because we take between 45 minutes and 1 hour with every person. If you visit our store and one of our staff members are free, we’ll be happy to assist you, but keep in mind that all assessment  booking will take priority over walk-ins, and if we are fully booked you may be asked to Schedule and appointment or visit at a later time.

    If you wish to have your assessment in English, just let us know when you book it. You can book your assessment calling us at +34 913770792, or if you feel more comfortable just whatsapp us to the same telephone number: +34 913770792

    It’s really important for you to come in comfortable clothing like a track-suit, running tights or some shorts. Also it’d be really helpful for us if you could bring the trainers you’ve been using lately for your exercise. The more information we have, the better we’ll be able to help you 😊



    Sietse verhoog
    Sietse verhoog
    09:25 23 Sep 23
    Great services. Sophie that does the analysis of your steps and feet is a true expert and even explains in various languages (spanish, french and english) which makes it a great personalized experience.Furthermore good assortment of brands and gear so enough option to choose from.

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